Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bedtime blogposts....

I have just spent nearly 3 hours on Skype, firstly to the beautiful and very much missed Mandie Dee (o girl I can’t wait to live in Brum with you!) then to my absolutely lovely Mummy...o how she makes me realise how lucky I am, she is the most loving person in the world, no contest. <3

All is still well in Strasbourg, its weird because whilst I live abroad and you might think there would be loads of things to report, in fact going to Science Po and working in the parliament is just life here. My French family are continuing to be absolutely wonderful. I have spent so much time with them and am speaking tonnes of French, and I was reflecting on how great it is to have people who care about me here and it truly is fab J However, the countdown-til-home-time advent calendar has begun. 28 days. 4 weeks. I can’t wait to walk down Farm Road to Plums, to pass College House as I make my way towards the familiar but o too distant Beeston...home is calling me. I’ve never been away from home this long, and I am happy, I do love it here, but I feel far away today. I would give anything for a massive hug from my mummy (well, clearly not anything or I’d pay the extortionate amount to go home for the weekend, but you get the idea).

Tommorrow is dimanche in Strasbourg, for once I will be feeling fresh for two basketball matches back to back. I got in trouble last time I blogged for not mentioning basketball, but Giles, especially for you if you understand this...Hoenheim je t’aime! I have been playing basketball (not particularly well, I might add), with a local team called Hoenheim who are absolutely literally amazing! I have been so lucky to play with such lovely, friendly, welcoming people who are making my time in Stras fabulous J Thank you guys. Si vous lisez mon ‘blog’, les gens d’Hoenheim, c’etait juste pour vous remercier ! S’all good.
This weeks events of note were Will getting engaged to Kate…I know she’s beautiful and rich but I think I would have made a much better Queen, don’t you agree? It also saw a very enlightening trip to a French doctor (this is content only for girls, ask me for more details, Hannah, Jess, Jen, you know the score), and perhaps a little sentiment of homesickness. I also went to a party where someone fell out of a window, it was a very strange night…

Next week sees another Strasbourg parliamentary week, which I am very much looking forward to, even if the hour are crazy, as well as a very important event…Harry Potter comes out in French cinemas. Ahh the days of midnight trips to Waterstones to collect the books… It also sees the depart of my French brother to Switzerland, sob, our regular runs have become quite dear to me!

Anyway, just checking in to say all is good, and that I miss you, yes YOU! I can’t wait to be back in England, and if you see me, please give me a massive hug!! Goodnight my loves, lots of love as ever xxxx

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