Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's Christmas time, theres no need to get delayed....

As I sit here at the end of the first term of my year abroad, it seems appropriate to make a few deep and meaningful reflections over the past 4 months. However, I am much too excited about going home for Christmas, and so instead decided to write a list of things I am gonna do in England. Year abroad is fab, but this holiday I will:

-Drink so much real milk. None of this UHT rubbish. Real milk. I tried to explain the difference to a French person, and they thought English people went out milking their cows every day. O dear.
-Eat heinz baked beans. For breakfast, for dinner, I don't care. And sing the beans song.
-Cadbury's. Need I say more?
-Be at full liberty to break more fingers and have free health care. Maybe I should try stocking up whilst I'm back??
-Topshop. Urban Outfitters. Accessorise. HMV. O how I miss you.
-Not get charged EVERY TIME I buy anything on my card.
-Eat English food. O foreigners you may give British people stick for not having fine food, but give me my Mum's home cooking any day over your cuisine. Nuff said.
-Go to a club that is the size of an entrance hall. Bring on big clubs with good music!!
-Make the most of family, friends, fun....

Just incase you didn't know it already, I am a MASSIVE Christmas fan. I love being together and being happy, I love the food and the atmosphere and just the time of year. This year more than ever Christmas is so exciting, I can't wait.

To anyone who is reading this...Happy Christmas. I hope you enjoy your family as we remember how lucky we are to celebrate it with them.

And also how lucky we are to eat turkey with pigs in blankets. The concept of sausages and bacon for Christmas dinner did NOT seem appealing to my French friends. Sounds like heaven to me!

See ya in 2011 France :) xxx

p.s heres hoping my flights aren't delayed!!!

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  1. I have been drinking real milk! I've had no problem getting it here!